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Ultimate Baby Carrier Australia provides baby carriers for easily carrying our baby in a position that’s beneficial to their physical health. Each one of our baby carriers are great for promoting digestion.

Why Our Baby Carrier?

Cradling your baby stimulates better physical, emotional, mental and social development. At the same time, this also applies to you, the mums and dads. A simple action of acquiring a baby carrier can make a great difference in fulfilling in-arm parenting. Not only can you simulate all the benefits, but it makes the whole process more supportive, comfortable and easy especially when moving around.

Baby carriers take away the weight of your baby from your arms and back and re-distributing this appropriately to your hips, shoulders and back, without compromising the fulfilment of baby’s needs that you can provide.

Baby Carrier Australia provides carrier products that will help you develop a deeper connection with your baby in a relaxed and less tired manner.

Many are now looking into the option of buying their own baby carriers because they see this as a practical way for in-arm parenting and still being able to attend to other activities, if necessary.

At Baby Carrier Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For more detailed specifications of our baby carriers, please click here.


Why Baby Carriers?

✔ Breathable mesh that serves as an air panel that can be folded for a cooler feel and provides more warmth when fastened;

✔ Has a removable cover to prevent sun rays from shining onto your baby’s eyes, or as coverage when baby is taking a nap;

✔ Ergonomic stool core to align baby’s legs properly;

✔ Tilted stool seat to hold your child closer to your cradle for extra safety;

✔ Sturdy adjustable wrap sling backpack for a comfortable position for you and your baby; and

 Multi-function baby carrier can be used when baby is facing the wearer, baby’s back against the wearer, and the stool separately used as seat.



What Our Clients Say

My little me loves it when she is worn in our ultimate baby carrier. Before, without it, when I carry her, I can sense that she feels uncomfortable when my arms figuratively die because of her weight. With the carrier, we get to bond better because my hands are free from carrying her so I get to play and dance along with her.Jennifer


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