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What is a Baby Carrier?

An ergonomic baby carrier is a device that helps in in-arm parenting by supporting the natural posture of babies without compromising the development of your baby’s lower extremities and hips. Ideal carriers come with a wide, comfortable seat that support the baby’s weight.

We offer the ultimate baby carrier that can be used in 11 different positions to meet baby’s cradling needs while ensuring baby’s comfort and wearer’s convenience.

Common Features of Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are equipped with a seat stool, back support and a foldable heap support to ensure baby’s comfort and relaxed breathing when using the carrier in various positions. There are a lot of positions that can be chosen from when using a carrier; whether it’s baby backpack, kangaroo, front facing or varying hip positions, it’s all gonna be very comfortable for both wearer and baby.

The support waist belt that is worn around the lumbar area is padded for the wearer’s comfort. The straps make them even more effective as they can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s body size and ensure utmost safety, keeping up with the baby’s growing size. The seat stool, that is perfect with a small backrest, can be used separately when cradling the baby until the baby’s back is strong enough in a sitting position.

Good quality baby carriers are made with cotton and polyester touching to ensure material breathability. Additional features such as pockets and sleeping hoods makes it more enticing to use.


Why Get A Baby Carrier?

Baby carriers help in meeting the essentials for in-arm parenting to meet the baby’s needs for warmth, comfort and access to feeding (either breastfeeding or bottle feeding).

Baby carriers make baby caring easier and more comfortable as it distributes the baby’s weight properly between the wearer’s hips and shoulders. More so, they can help free up your hands to work, or assist older children. Not to worry because great carriers can be adjusted according to your activity to ensure that the baby is still comfortable.

While the primary benefit of wearing baby carriers is the ease of carrying a baby while doing an additional task (considered as hands-free baby carrying), this is actually good for babies physically. A good baby carrier can hold a baby’s body in a comfortable and correct position that can stimulate healthy digestion and prevent physical abnormalities associated with spending large amounts of time, lying on their backs or their bellies. Also, when carried babies tend to cry less. In this state, babies can learn more about their environment and stimulate their mental and social skills.

Baby-wearing is an intimate way of caring for your small children, typically from ages 0 to 36 months.

Using Your Baby Carrier

A baby carrier can be used early, even upon birth, as long the baby weighs at least 3.5 kilograms. It is important that parents and caretakers maintain a close connection to the baby and in-arm caring is one way to go.

The main baby carrying positions are front inward facing, front outward facing, hip carry and back carry. Make sure to account for the baby’s weight and developmental stage in appropriating the different baby carrying positions.

In putting baby inside the carrier, always make sure that the baby’s spine, hips and legs are supported to properly stimulate physical development. Make sure any buckles and snaps are securely fastened and attached to make sure baby is safe inside the carrier.

Always be cautious and alert when carrying the baby to prevent it from falling, especially if in proximity of stairs, slippery surfaces and other tripping hazards.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of baby carriers differs according to the functions that your baby carrier can be programmed to offers. It is important to note that buying one will surely provide for the baby’s convenience without burdening the wearer. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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