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Ultimate Baby Carrier—Pink

(3 customer reviews)

$124.95 $84.95


This Ultimate Baby Carrier easily takes away the weight of your baby from your arms and back and re-distributing this appropriately to your hips, shoulders and back, without compromising the fulfilment of baby’s needs that you can provide.

This ergonomic-designed baby carrier allows your baby to be in a natural sitting position. Also, this evenly distributes the weight between carrier’s hip and shoulders, which makes carrying your baby convenient and lightweight. Our Ultimate Baby Carrier is equipped with back support and fold-able head support to ensure your baby’s smooth breathing when facing outward; it has also an exceptional lower back comfort with padded lumbar support waist belt.

This Ultimate Baby Carrier will not only give you great support but also promotes health and well-being.

  • High quality baby carrier and uniquely designed hip seat baby carrier has everything needed for adult and baby comfort; it is made of soft cotton with polyester touching;
  • Adjustable temperature with regulation panel that allows you to easily control the temperature and keep  baby, mommy or daddy convenient at any given temperature;
  • Using this can be done through different carrying positions: the kangaroo position or as baby backpack; this baby carrier ensures your convenience even when you’re doing light activities while carrying your little one; it has back and lumbar support to reduce pain and tension in the shoulders, hips and back, and has a soft, padded waist support.
  • Fits multiple wearers from fair body type to a larger body one and is easy to reach buckles to make adjustments;
  • The easy quick-tie buckle is simple to operate and makes it easy to put the baby in or take the baby out of the carrier with ease and without stress.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Material — 100% Cotton and Mesh Fabric
Suitable Age — Infant, Toddler (up to 36 months old)
Colour — Blue, Green, Light Pink, Mint Blue, Grey, Navy Blue, Black, Red, Pink
Features — Multi Carrying Styles
Size Adjustable — maximum 134cm
Maximum Carrying Weight — 25kg

Package Included: 1 x Ultimate Baby Carrier


More Benefits:

Our Ultimate Baby Carrier is comfortably designed and ergonomically shaped, providing optimum support and security for your baby and the carrier. Perfectly lightweight, these carriers are the ultimate accessory for outings and adventures.

For babies who already have strong head control.

Ergonomic position seating:

Supports safe carry, travel and development for baby.

Long life connection:

Carrying your baby as you start your life together, will have profound long-term benefits for you both.

Fully Adjustable padded shoulder straps

Our padded straps provides neck & shoulder comfort and support. They are lightweight and adjustable.

Wide padded waistband & extra padding

Two places we have added extra padding is the 1, padded leg opening for your baby’s comfort. 2, extra padding for the carrier to provide superior comfort, longer wearing and to evenly distribute weight.

High quality materials

Breathable & lightweight material helps you and you baby stay cool for long periods.

Ergonomic positioning

Our ultimate baby carrier automatically encourages you to use an ergonomic position to give maximum support and comfort.

Free returns and refund

We offer returns and refunds for your purchase if you are not happy, see our returns policy at bottom of website.


Ultimate Baby Carrier_Size

3 reviews for Ultimate Baby Carrier—Pink

  1. Chris

    The item is extremely durable. It will keep the baby extremely safe. Most of the baby’s weight will fall to the waste of the parent.

  2. Chris S

    The baby will remain sitting in extreme comfort. Not only can tightness be adjusted at easy, but the security on this item is fascinating. As parents we are more than happy to spend that extra dollar to purchase items that will keep the baby safe and sound.

  3. Qiuqian

    Looks really great! I hope my friend will like it!

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